Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Is Why I Homeschool

I'm sitting here this morning reading over the stories of so many of my friends who have sent their first child to Kindergarten this week, and I can't lie, there is a part of me that is pretty sad we are missing this experience. I love seeing everyone's pictures and looking at their kids all smiling brightly (and sleepily) with their school clothes on and their backpacks and I think about how much fun it would be to pick out a first day of school outfit for Tot and how much fun she would have in a classroom full of kids her age, and I wonder if I'm doing us both a disservice by homeschooling.

It's not a long wonder, but I do wonder. Would she do better there? Would she have more fun? Would a teacher with an actual teaching degree be better able to help her sound out those tricky diphthongs? Would she make more friends? Would she listen better to a teacher that wasn't also her mom?

I do wonder.

But then I look around.

I've got my laptop open on my kitchen table, a hot cup of coffee at hand, and my Good Morning Yankee Candle burning. Right beside me is Tot, working on her phonics worksheet in her robe and pj's with some massive bedhead going on. She's nibbling on Honeynut Cheerios and writing a little, getting distracted, writing a little more. Gator is napping in the other room and Little David is watching a cartoon. I can reach over and pat Tot's hair, thump her noggin when she gets distracted for too long, and help her out when she needs me.

Here in a second, when she's finished, we're all going to hop on Little David's bed and read a few chapters from Charlotte's Web while snuggling under some blankets.

There are lots of reasons why public school is a great choice, and lots of fun things about it, but this - this - is why I homeschool.


Luke said...

I like it.


Eternal Instants said...

Yes Mam! I like it too!!!

Also, my first year homeschooling my oldest daughter,
also in Kindergarten!
I also wondered the same thing...
but I know in my heart this was the right choice for our family, and I am reminded of it every day, especially when I see the pictures of the sleepy kids :)

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed!

Robin said...

I love this post Kristen!