Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, today I am grateful for a great many things. God is good, all the time - but during this season I am always particularly thankful for my blessings.

1. Candy Pumpkins. Yes, I know this is trite, however Candy Corn and Candy Pumpkins are my Season Triggers. You know, that thing that says to just you NOW is when it starts. For me, Fall really starts when I see Candy Pumpkins in the store and begin my Annual Fall Preparation List. I am so thankful for Fall, even though we have awhile before we get real Fall weather. Until then, I can munch on my pumpkins and soak it all in.

2. Chai Latte K Cups. So we all know how I feel about my Keurig. It is THE BEST THING EVER. Hot, nummy coffee in under 60 seconds at the push of a button. I realize it is such a non necessary luxury, but I will take it and be thankful. My Keurig makes my mornings pleasant and easy and I stop each day and look at it with love. It's just so shiny...sigh. But anyways, back to the Chai Latte K Cups. I had my doubts, I mean, Starbucks makes a mean Chai Latte, but they get expensive, even for an occasional treat. And I really want one right when it's not feasible for me to go out (ie Naptime). So I got a box of Chai Latte K Cups, preparing myself for yuck, and I was pleasantly surprised. They are GOOD. I mean, GOOD. It's the perfect non-coffee spicy treat and I am very thankful for a fun way to usher in my favorite fall drink.

3. My David. We are in a particularly great time right now. With him working from home and me homeschooling, we are having more time together than we've had in years and It. Is. Rockstar. We get to have breakfast and chit chat time in the morning and lunch together every day. He usually comes in once or so during the day to get a snack or a drink, goes back to work and then he is home right at 5pm. Glorious. The only problem we've found with this arrangement is that him working from home makes it SUPER easy to stay in bed until the absolute latest moment and then we are rushed to get breakfast (but not coffee - because our coffee is supafast!) and get the day started. But I'll take an overdose on snuggles over not seeing him as much any day of the week. I am way thankful for the snuggles.

4. Our New Dog(s). We got a new dog this week - a Great Dane! We got him from my stepbrother who needed to rehome his two Great Danes. It worked out perfectly, because Laura Beth is taking the other one when she moves into her new house and until then we can dogsit. So it's like we have TWO new Great Danes. And let me just tell you, these dogs are HUGE. It's like having two ponies walking around. The kids love them and the dogs love the kids - especially Allie. Allie likes our dog, Josh, the best. She walks over to him, bends down and pats him on the head, and then licks his nose. It's both incredibly gross and sweet. Regardless, we are so thankful for the new member of our family and the new member of our extended family :)

5. Everything Else. Seriously, we're just in a good season right now. Things are still tiring (we do have three kids and three dogs right now), and I'm still trying to get my groove in homeschooling, and Dave and I have been falling into bed exhausted each night from lack of exercise and crappy eating (we lost our mojo and are trying to get it back - I lost much more mojo than he did, though) - but on the whole, things are good. Happy marriage, good kids, good day.


wallnuts said...

and i am thankful for you and candy corn today my dear friend :)

Anonymous said...

Where's the "Like" button? hahahaha

Linda Reddoch

April Spicer said...

Where did you go????? It's been almost a month!!