Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Am Loving Right Now

1. When Gator sits beside me on the couch and lays her head on my arm. We just sit there watching Blues Clues and I love the way her skin feels on mine and her little duck down hair.

2. David's missing teeth. It makes him look mischievous. Which he is.

3. Annie. Our little Annie-Pants is the greatest dog. She just sits there and sleeps and looks cute. And then gets excited when she sees Dave or when Allie gives her snacks. I love how she and Allie sit and the dog food bowl and share. It's disgusting, but so so cute and funny.

4. Everything about Taylor. She is funny and so smart and is just growing up so very fast. And I mentioned funny, right? The kid is stinking hilarious.

5. My bedroom. It's perfectly plain and peaceful. Everything about it screams to me to take the best nap of my life. And I do. Every single day.

6. These rockin' velour maternity pants I'm wearing. Laws, but they are comfortable.

7. School. The kids are doing so well and I'm enjoying teaching them. T is really rocking her spelling, that has been the surprise fan favorite.

8. More time with Dave. We seem to be realizing that in just 10 weeks we will be thrown into that newborn phase where I am tied down nursing and he is running ragged with the other kids and there won't be as much time for the two of us. So right now we are soaking up every single second we can where it's just us. Bakiestar Icecreamica, yo.

9. How Allie looks in a cloth diaper and giant white tshirt.

10. How all three kids are just wonderful and in the most fun stages. They are getting so big and I am just overwhelmed with how happy I am with them right now.

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