Monday, August 08, 2011


I already feel better.

I took time to wake up this morning. Set my alarm pretty early and then just woke up slowly. I sipped on the water by my bed, didn't talk, and let Dave shower in peace. I didn't look at my phone and I slowly stretched out my hugely pregnant body. Ahhhhhh.

I've noticed that it's taking me longer to get my head on in the mornings lately. I wake up quite foggy and more than a little grumpy. That's not usual for me, so I've been unsure how to proceed. All I know is that waiting until the kids wake me up at full speed is NOT the way to go. And I learned this morning that waking up at an exact time doesn't really matter, so long as I can take my time and shake off the funk before the day begins.

I shuffled slowly into the kitchen and turned on the coffee (God Bless You, Keurig). While it heated up I opened all the curtains and got a low light going. Sip by sip, I start waking up. I read some from Mere Christianity, planned meals and chores for the day. All at a snails pace. Sip, sip, sip.

Finally, my eyes are open. The kids start getting up one by one.

Well timed.

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