Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Wall Has Been Hit.

I am so tired. Not so much physically, although I certainly am that as well, but more mentally. The waiting is starting to get to me. I can feel my patience slipping away, my default attitude becoming cranky, and my general demeanor being negative. I don't like it one bit.

I know that this is completely and totally normal in the last few weeks of pregnancy, so I'm not worried about it. But neither do I want to just sit here and be miserable for 7 weeks. No one needs that around.

So like I do with everything, I've made a plan. A plan to get ready for my little man. And what rhymes with man? Jam. Not really, but I have made a plan.

I need to have something to look forward to that isn't 7 weeks away. So, I've made each day a mini-event. It will give me something small to look forward to each day so I will myself into a better general mood :)

Monday - Date Night! Dave and I order out and we watch Eureka and Warehouse 13. Perfection.

Tuesday - Bath & Wine Night. Hot bath with good smelling bubbles, a small glass of wine, and a magazine for me to browse. Pure relaxation.

Wednesday - Baby Day. This is not so much a "Day" I made up because things already happen on Wednesdays. This is the day my week changes, the day that What I Wore Wednesday happens, and the day I usually have Dr Appts. I already look forward to Wednesdays :)

Thursday - Big Fat Dessert Night. On this night, I will have a ridiculously huge dessert and it will be legendary.

Friday - Buy Something Cute Day! The title is pretty self explanatory. I will buy something cute on this day only for me. It might be a candle, another magazine, a scarf, a necklace, shoes, make up, etc. Just something that will make me smile and get me through the day.

Saturday - Family Day. Again, I already look forward to Saturdays. Donuts, co-op, getting the house back in shape, and lots of family time. I love Saturdays.

Sunday - Rest & Plan Day. I take a big fat nap and then I get ready for the week ahead. You know, this day still needs some work....

So there you go - my strategy for making it until Nolan gets here while having a smile on my face :)

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