Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thankful For

26. The cool weather arriving tomorrow.
27. Noisy Nolan
28. The kids playing loudly but nicely together in their room
29. The working washing machine!
30. My run yesterday
31. Starting to feel like myself again
32. Christmas in 59 days!
33. The new OS that David put on my phone
34. My cozy socks
35. School going well
36. Taylor enjoying reading
37. My amazingly comfortable couch
38. My awesome bedroom - spacious and private
39. Dave's well-deserved promotion
40. The idea of a trip to Indiana
41. Our new routine
42. A coffee date tomorrow!
43. Getting to see my family at Thanksgiving soon
44. Planning fun Thanksgiving activities
45. Buying a cute outfit for Thanksgiving!
46. The cute things from etsy in my house that make me smile when I see them
47. Getting to be by myself at least four times a week.
48. The hot cocoa I'm drinking right now
49. A fridge full of DDP
50. My wedding rings. Love them.

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