Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bubba Bites

Lately, David has been what I like tell people is "spirited".  What it actually is, is a little snotty and something we are working on.  Be that as it may, it's often hilarious :) .

To me, over a breakfast of yogurt and granola

LD:  Mom, Can I tell you why this breakfast is lame?
UK:  No, David, and that's rude.  Why don't you say something nice about it instead?
LD:  Because it's lame.
UK:  It's time to stop talking now.
LD:  Sorry, Mom.

To Tot, while playing.

LD:  Taylor, I think you are the best sister in the world.
T:  That is so sweet, Bubba!
LD:  I think we should get married.
T:  Um, Dude.  The president won't ALLOW us to get married.  And that's gross anyways.
LD:  Well, fine then.  I'm not buying you a unicorn. 



Robin said...

That will be one lucky wife! Whoever he marries, he is going to buy a unicorn! ;) I love reading your conversations with your kids. Sometimes I think I am the only one who finds my convos with my kids funny...and then I read yours! I should share more often! haha

Jen said...

Okay, totally adorable!

Applied Christianity said...

Ah, the things kids say. I probably should have done a better job recording the quotable quotes from my kids. Very cute.