Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Unsinkable Returns

Well my Readers, I am back. Back from the Private Blog Posting World.

I finally had my baby, finally got a little mental space, and am feeling back on my feet again.

I love writing and story-telling and picture sharing, but for awhile there it was feeling like one more thing I just wasn't getting to and one more thing I wasn't sure how I wanted to handle. See, when you would Google my name (um, no of course I never googled myself.... ), up on google images would pop pictures of my kids and that just felt...icky. I know that people can see them on Facebook all the time, but I have some measure of control over that. I have pretty strict privacy settings (as strict as you can, anyway) and they won't just pop up to any old person. So because I couldn't figure out how to write more and still get anything done and because I couldn't figure out how public I wanted my kids to be, I just took the blog down. And as time went by, the images of the kids no longer showed up and I felt like their privacy was a little more respected.

As it stands, I'm not sure how I want to move forward. I love having this journal of my thoughts and the funny things that the kids do. And I really like having the pictures of the kids to look back at. But Taylor is getting older (2nd Grade!) and becoming more aware of the internet and how it's used and I don't want her feeling like her Mom tells the world every little thing about her. Which I do. But probably shouldn't :). She needs to be able to draw a line and I need to be able to respect that. Ugh, but the kid is just SO DARN FUNNY. I mean really, as she's gotten older her escapades have only gotten more intricate.

So, there you have it. I'm going to stay picture-free on here until I figure out how I want to do this, but I will probably make up for that by over-sharing in many other areas.

Speaking of which - I'll be back tomorrow with a wee little update on how we are rolling these days as a family of six. Until then I remain, ever yours, ever Unsinkable :)

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