Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Her Children Will Rise Up And Call Her, Desperately Needing Help With Their Laundry

Yesterday morning,  I looked around my house and felt nothing but utter weariness and frustration.  All I needed was to get my house clean.  I wasn't feeling terrible,  I wasn't unusually busy, no one had been regularly wetting the bed.  I was, though, behind on laundry by about ten loads, I had dishes in my sink and in the dishwasher, I had piles of books and projects and papers on every single surface of my home and toys on all the floors.  I couldn't keep the little kids occupied while teaching the big kids without mountains of messes being made and every time I would start to do one thing, eight other things would pop up.  Whatever  the reason or season, I just wasn't doing it all.  Our house was an unmitigated disaster and I was losing my ever loving mind trying to catch up. 

I called my mom on FaceTime around 10am and there must have been some serious Crazy Eyes happening, because ten minutes later she was packing her overnight back for the three hour drive here and she wasn't taking "I've got this, Mom" for an answer because, clearly, I didn't have this.


Mom arrived with her little dog in tow, eyed my piles and stacks with steely eyed determination and proceeded to whip my house back into shape.  She did all the laundry (washed, dried, folded and PUT AWAY.  I know.), got the living areas picked up, the books put away, and the kids all helping.  It was exactly like what you think Mary Poppins visiting your house would be like.  More than that, though, it was like having a second ME.  I didn't have to give explicit instructions, I didn't have to tell her what to do.  I just did want I needed to do (teach, make lunch, break up all the fights and catch all the Nolans, etc.) and she did everything I couldn't get done.  Like magic, I'm telling you. 

I'm looking around my house now and I can breathe!  I have clean counter tops.  I wasn't even sure that I still had counter tops, to be honest.  I thought they had magically transformed into book shelves.  I can see my carpet again, I haven't stepped on a lego all day, which may be a personal record.  There aren't a thousand things that need to be taken care of rightthissecond.  In fact, I'm sitting here drinking coffee in my clean house, thinking that I may just survive after all. 

Thanks, Mom, for rescuing me from the depths of despair and the clutches of clothing.  Love you :)



Katie Rawls said...

Thats super cool! Turned into a blessed day! Hooray for moms that have already raised their kids and are free to help!:)

Anonymous said...

Kristen, you have a Godly mother that is very perceptive. Moms know their kids. But what is unique about your Mom is that she took action when she felt the ship going down. Cynthia is a precious person through and through.