Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In my head lately...

"We’re [so] attached to what we [are] going to do — and how we will share that with the world — that we forget what it feels like to just simply live a life undocumented, unshared and unrecorded. "  Abundant Mama

I've been off Facebook for two weeks now and it's taken about that long to quit thinking in status updates, which is ridiculous.  I had no idea how noisy my life had become until I turned off what was essentially a nonstop clamor of other people saying stuff.  Good stuff, mostly.  Some bad stuff.  But it was mostly just noise.   And laws, but my head had been aching for quiet for a long time.  

As a naturally anxious and high strung person, I've always sought out the quiet and the space to give myself a little room to breathe. I love parties, groups, and events, but I need SPACE and time to recover from it all and I need a lot of it.  With four kids around all the time, solitude is in short supply here.  I've always been like that but recently the strain started to feel unbearable.  So much noise.  Most of it, though, was coming from elements of my life that I thought were essential and I have learned that they just weren't.  

I have LOVED being away from Facebook.  It's been like turning off a loud TV I forgotten was on.  There is literally no reason I can think of to be on there any more.   I've paid more attention to the life I am living and the people in my home.  Enough attention that I realized we needed more space like that in our lives.  We dropped some activities we had been in, added some purposeful time together, upped the time we spend with people from church, turned off the tv and ipads more, and made room in our day-to-day life for peace and quiet.  

It's been real good. 

At the end of the day, I have been moving towards a purposefully slower and more intentioned type of life.  One that may look a little different than others, but really, who has a typical life?  We all make different choices from different circumstances and our lives will look different as a result.  With so many people in this family that need the space, the routine, and the peace that comes from a smaller selection of choices, I've found that limiting what we keep in our lives has been unbelievably freeing. 

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